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2018 AIA Eastern Oklahoma Design  Excellence Awards - People's Choice
Architecture - Medium Commercial

Please consider the following Medium Commercial Projects submitted in this year's AIA Eastern Oklahoma Design Excellence Awards.  The link to vote for your favorite can be found at the bottom of this page.

Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville | Architect: Ambler Architects |
Photography by: Martha Ambler Photography

Located in downtown Bartlesville, Oklahoma, this newly created facility was designed to give kids in the community a safe and exciting space to learn and grow. After facing limitations in their previous 50 year old building, the new facility is now easily accessible to kids in the community and provides equal opportunities for those who walk through the doors. Using the history of the Boys and Girls Club to fuel the design of the new campus, a space was created that would meet club goals both today and in the future.

Hardesty Leadership Center for Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma | Architect: Beck Design |

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma had outgrown their original building and considered expansion. After careful consideration, Girls Scouts and Beck jointly created a building program that addressed current and future growth requirements with associated cost estimates. After careful review, a determination was made that they would design a building in a more central location and one that would express the Girl Scouts’ culture and symbolism.

Piedmont College Student Commons | Architect: Beck Design | 

Piedmont College’s new Student Commons seemingly grows out of the sloping site. The interior atrium slices through the building in a curved manner that follows the natural slope of the site, creating the main circulation spine. The atrium becomes a major focal point that brings natural light into the interior spaces. This infusion of natural light creates spaces that bridge the outside elements into the building. This building is one that is highly utilized by students and faculty for meetings, study groups and collaboration.

Broken Arrow Public Schools High School Field House | Architect: KKT Architects |
Photography by: Adam Murphy

What started as a narrow, focused project became a larger master planning exercise as our client’s goals became evident. By taking a step back to look at broader goals, we were able to combine what had been planned to be multiple disparate projects and merge them into one cohesive design. Initially the project scope involved dressing up the face of an existing field house. The addition immediately addressed this need with a highly visible entry and monumental sign tower. However, the school was facing a shortage of classrooms, needed additional dining space, and wanted to reorient the traffic flow around their campus. Instead of just re-facing the existing fieldhouse, the addition extended outward to physically connect the fieldhouse to an existing classroom building. By connecting the two buildings, a new a secure, corridor was created so that students no longer had to travel outside to access the fieldhouse. Multiple grade changes between the buildings were treated as opportunities to introduce monumental stairs that serve as breakout spaces for students to relax and study on.