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2016 AIA Eastern Oklahoma Design  Excellence Awards - People's Choice
Urban Design & Planning

Please consider the following Urban Design & Planning Projects submitted in this year's AIA Eastern Oklahoma Design Excellence Awards.  The link to vote for your favorite can be found at the bottom of this page.

Remember the 4 Memorial | Architect: Beck Design |

This important Memorial is to honor the 4 that perished in the plane crash on November 17, 2011 which took the lives of head coach Kurt Budke, Assistant Coach, Miranda Serna, of the Oklahoma State University Women’s Basketball Team, as well as former State Senator Olin Branstetter and his wife Paula. It was intended to memorialize the lives that perished and their connection to each other. The connection of the 4 honorees became the form giver of the precious Memorial. The number 4 is a whole number and is symmetrical as are the lives represented in this monument. The design is divided into 4 equal elements with a physical connection to the alternate 3 .The 4 elements contribute to create an inner space of strength with individual edge lighted etched portrait panels of acrylic portray their backgrounds and lives.

Boxyard | Architect: Selser Schaefer Architects
Photography by: Jeremy Charles Photography and Tulsa World Photography

Downtown Tulsa has seen a revival in recent years. This urban plaza brings a truly unique shopping destination to downtown and contributes to a vibrant streetscape, positively impacting the surrounding area merely by its presence.

Re-purposed shipping containers converge on a once vacant lot, forming inviting spaces at
an intimate, but public scale. The bottom level surrounds a courtyard while the tops support a wooden boardwalk with space for gathering, live music and entertainment creating its own
eco-system of street life, community and vibrancy.